We are looking for energetic and sharp engineers for a 3 to 6 months internship. The person should be resourceful and posses an attitude to learn and take on problems outside of the comfort zone.

        The person will be working on interesting (and presumably tough) problems and will be working alongside   folks who are passionate problem solvers, holds a sky-is-the-limit attitude, have made some interesting   products in industry         (and happens to be from top-tier institutes of the country).

        We will offer a monthly stipend and a certificate, flexible working hours and very informal working environment.

         Following two positions are open :-

                 1.Unix/System Administration Intern :- 

        Skillset : –

        The person is expected to hold good fundamentals in Linux/Unix based environment, network and storage systems,              version control, VPN, job submission systems.


The person is expected to help in building and maintaining our budding data center, Linux backend and servers.

  1. Algorithms Intern :-  

Skillset :-

The person is expected to be good in algorithms and proficient in C++ and Python/Perl, familiar with Visual Studio, Matlab/Simulink, Version control (as Git)


The person is expected towards helping to develop our core set of algorithms for upcoming products  

If the above excites you and you aren’t just looking for just any (and at times drab) work for the big brand, then send us an email with your resume, contact details and the position  you are interested in to careers@ahanttechnology.com